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Progress Report

Things are going swimmingly well with my project and I hope it continues like this. I find it quite difficult to get valid information in Dominica relating to my topic, but I’m probably just not checking the right places. I haven’t even interviewed Dr. Lennox Honychurch yet after all. I’m actually skeptical on whether I need to, because I already have access to one of his books The Dominica Story in which he gives a lot of useful information pertaining to my topic. I don’t believe he will give me any additional details; though, I could be wrong.

All the other sources I’ve found are PDF’s from Google Books and Internet Archive. These books are not easy to read on my computer because it’s awfully slow. It would be a lot easier if I had hard copies but those are already impossible to get. I did find one book in the Public Library titled Dominica; very interesting but it won’t be of much help. Though it hardly gives information on my topic, I was just relieved to finally be reading from an actual book instead of a PDF or eBook. I’ve been reading PDF’s for two years; and if I hadn’t gone to the library that day, I would have never known how much more comfortable it is reading from a real book. (That is the saddest sentence I’ve typed all year) All this technology is killing me! I also find it difficult to not get distracted. Everything distracts me! When I say ‘everything’, I’m mainly talking about my phone.

I still don’t have any items in my Omeka site, but I’m not really worried about that. Maybe I should be. I feel as if this class is taking up all of my time. I’m often focusing on the work I have to do for this class; while excluding Biology and Computer Science studies. I won’t complain any longer because I know that many other students are burdened with a larger work load than I am.